Shared Immersion


The Sublime Portal is a VR suite that allows clients to step inside environments and be wowed by incredible experiences. Films, interactive experiences and animations can be deployed into the Sublime Portal to activate brands and deliver stakeholder engagements. Let your customers step into different worlds and experience virtual tourism, entertainment or virtual training. Designers can step directly into their designs, be in the building they envisage and experience human scale visualisations of their developments.

The recent arrival of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets to the consumer market has brought with them a growing understanding and desire to experience interactive and immersive content. These headsets can deliver an excellent individual experience, however, they are limited to being detached and removed from other human interaction by design.

Crucially, and uniquely, the Sublime Portal can accommodate 3 – 5 people simultaneously without the need for obtrusive wearable headsets or technology; providing a multi-person, immersive experience allowing for collaboration, teamwork, dialogue and shared experience.


This is facilitated by projecting immersive film and photorealistic scenes in 360° x 180° field-of-view digital environments at human scale, displaying eye-level interactive imagery, 3D models and immersive film content in a manner that delivers distinct and enhanced levels of user presence, believability and accuracy.

We believe this is the ideal way for teams to collaborate on projects in a fully immersive environment. Using real-time content, users can co-design and plan live, making faster and more informed decisions because experiences are always better when they’re shared!




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