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Digital realities at work

We are continually exploring digital realities to pioneer ground-breaking activity for clients.

With the advancement of virtual reality beyond military and aerospace simulation, VR training is now being deployed across all sectors. The Sublime team has been at the heart of these developments, working with leading customers in design, construction and high end manufacturing to deliver exceptional levels of training. This includes ‘shared immersion’ for teams to work together in one virtual environment.

Augmented reality is also now being pioneered for on-the-job for AR worker assistance, leveraging the recent developments in digital eyewear. As each of these digital realities matures we are uniquely well placed to deliver experiences for the world of work that will transform many tasks and activities delivering a rapid return on investment for our partners.


Virtual reality training

VR enables users to experience and understand a space, building or environment at human scale without having to be physically present.

We are developing a platform for “shared immersion” using multi-player gaming technology, engaging with early adopters of VR to train their workforce. We are exploring a variety of headsets such as HTC Vive, Facebook Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

We are continually developing new user experiences to integrate controller devices for application with equipment such as construction tools, medical devices, safety equipment and more. Users can train together despite being in different physical locations, and the content can provide an extremely realistic environment introducing scenarios which would be expensive or dangerous to set up in the real world.

Augmented reality work assist

AR allows users to overlay or ‘augment’ the real world with rich digital content. AR uses digital eyewear to combine a head up display with cameras and other sensors and a wirelessly connected mobile computing platform. This allows context driven data to be downloaded from local or clouds servers, and data captured through the eyewear to be uploaded and analysed.

The benefits include heads-up, hands-free operations, which are ideal for on-the-job work assistance. This can also include video call features, to allow remotely located experts to provide direct assistance.

We have demonstrated AR work assist for construction and asset management, and are developing a platform with wide applicability. Our team have been working closely with the digital eyewear supply chain, and can provide both off-the-shelf and customised solutions optimised for each industry use case.

Sublime Shared Immersion Portal

The Sublime Portal enables shared experiences for groups of people to explore content in virtual reality.  Projecting 360° film or imagery as well as fully detailed 3D models, we can wrap any content around the users, enveloping them in the experience, transporting them into the subject matter.

People can use the portal without the need to wear any special technology, avoiding some of the barriers that headsets create. Namely the ability to share an experience. This facilitates collaboration and discussion over what is being presented, leading to clear decisions on key questions.

The Portal is a truly immersive way of engaging key stakeholders and staff.


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