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We are a band of creative pioneers and technology entrepreneurs, dedicated to exploring new digital realities in the world of work.

We believe that in the near future virtual reality will be common place for certain activities and soon after that augmented reality will become a new layer across all aspects of our lives.

As each of these digital realities matures our team will be uniquely well placed to deliver shared immersion experiences for the world of work that will transform many tasks and activities to deliver significant benefits in efficiency, safety and enhanced capabilities.

Our founding team each bring significant capabilities having delivered some of the first VR and AR across several key sectors.

Meet the team

Martin McDonnell

Martin founded the Soluis Group in 2000 and built it to become a global leader in the creation of 3D environments for the design, construction and property industries. Soluis continues to thrive and has incubated Sublime during its initial launch period.

As CEO, Martin will lead the vision and direction of Sublime as well as being the figurehead at events and key customer engagements.

Jonny Knox

Jonny has built and run businesses in the creative and design sectors for two decades, blending the latest in technology with his creative inventiveness to deliver incredible experiences and solutions for his clients.

A natural CCO (Creative) Jonny has led the team in developing our key inventions to date and will continue to build the unique fusion of creativity and technology that is already the hallmark of Sublime.

Chris Bryson

Chris has had a global career in the technology industry, initially as an early employee and then a founder of two start-ups respectively that each achieved significant exits.

More recently Chris was a technology CEO in Taiwan before taking up a key consultant role with several of the world’s leading AR hardware companies.

At Sublime, Chris will bring his significant experience to role of COO, in charge of day-to-day operations and leading our funding and globalisation ambitions.


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