About Us

We are creatives, technologists and entrepreneurs. We have deep experience of Digital Realities and we have the skills and ambition to lead in this space.

Today, we build machines that learn fast and make smart decisions. Our devices collaborate in the Internet of Things while we feed them raw data from social media. Our ecosystems are digital, our workplace is global. We harness Artificial Intelligence to serve and entertain us. We’ve never been more connected or more empowered. The mobile device is our gateway to the digital world – a powerful channel for discovery, engagement and consumption. We live and work smart, tethered to technology through an always-on network. Mobile feels natural, familiar and necessary.


But this is changing. Our human interface with the digital universe is evolving. No longer restricted to passive screens, we can access content and experiences through new, immersive paradigms. We call these paradigms Digital Realities – VR, AR and MR.


Digital Realities will transform how we engage with rich data and virtual environments. Consumer applications are already on the market, with VR headsets competing for traction and mobile games like Pokemon Go hinting at the possibilities for AR. Less well understood are the possibilities for Digital Realities in the workplace.

That’s our space. Our opportunity. 



Meet The Team


Our management team is robust, with significant experience of delivering ground-breaking VR and AR in various key sectors. The core team covers product development, sales, marketing and business administration. In addition, we are hiring in-house expertise in creative design to support high-quality external content development, and domain experts in vertical markets to ensure our solutions meet real market needs.

Martin McDonnell – CEO

Martin founded the Soluis Group in 2000 and grew it to become a global leader in the creation of 3D environments for the design, construction and property industries. Soluis continues to thrive and incubated Sublime during its launch period.


A natural deal-maker and motivator, Martin will lead the vision and direction of Sublime. He will also be the figurehead at events and key customer engagements.

Chris Bryson – COO

Chris has enjoyed a global career in the technology industry, including founding two start-ups that achieved significant exits. More recently, Chris was a technology CEO in Taiwan. He then consulted for several of the world’s leading AR hardware companies, including a role as a Vice President for Jorjin Technologies in Taiwan.

At Sublime, Chris will bring his significant experience to the role of COO, running day-to-day operations and leading our funding and globalisation ambitions.

Jonny Knox – CCO

Jon has built and run businesses in the creative and design sectors for two decades, blending the latest in technology with creative inventiveness to deliver incredible experiences and solutions for his clients.


A natural Chief Creative Officer, Jon has led the team to develop our key inventions. He will continue to build upon the unique fusion of creativity and technology that has already become the hallmark of Sublime.

Robert McMillan – VP Software Development

Robert graduated in 1989 with a degree in computer science. He worked in the engineering and publishing sectors before moving into interactive media. He was Head of Development at Digimania, where he designed the software behind Ananova (recognised as the world’s first virtual news caster), and lead the technical design and development of the acclaimed Muvizu animation software.

Robert joined Sublime as VP Software Development in June 2017.